Seed Funding Awards

Seed Funding Awards in Neuropalliative Care: Request for Proposals
Application Deadline: September 1, 2022

Thanks to generous philanthropic donations, INPCS will provide up to 2 Seed Funding Awards.  With these awards we want to encourage and support young investigators in conducting clinical research in the field of Neuropalliative Care. These grants aim to support junior investigators who are INPCS members, are out of training, and have not yet successfully competed for a substantial NIH or PCORI grant award. Each applicant will be asked to identify a mentor (ideally from INPCS) who is an established investigator with prior NIH or PCORI funding who can support the applicant with the execution of the pilot study. Each award will consist of a commitment of up to $10,000 USD, intended to support salary and/or research expenses of the junior investigator during a one-year period.

How to Apply 
  1. Review application and eligibility requirements 
  2. Submit completed PDF application via email to  

Important Dates 
  • September 1, 2022: Application deadline for all documents, including letter from mentor(s).
  • October 17-21, 2022: Notification to recipients 
  • November 1, 2022: Funding begins 

  1. These awards are for fellows and junior investigators interested in an academic career in neuropalliative care.
  2. Eligibility for this award requires an MD, PhD, or equivalent degree. Eligible applicants will be junior investigators (Instructors or Assistant Professors) and fellows (must show evidence that the institution has committed support to continue employing the individual as fellow or instructor for the duration of the award) who have not received an early federal career development award prior to this funding.
  3. Applicants cannot have received a K, R34, R01, or similar grants as a PI or MPI. Applicants who are PI or MPI on R21s are eligible.
  4. Applicants must pursue clinical research in neuropalliative care.

Evaluation and Selection 

The INPCS Research Committee will select relevant reviewers to evaluate applications using the NIH criteria on significance, approach, candidate, innovation, and environment.

Required Documents for Application 
  1. Cover page: Title, Applicant Name, Applicant Academic Rank, Institution, Research Mentor(s).
  2. Summary Abstract: Limited to 30 lines of text (emphasizing the question the applicant wants to ask, how s/he will answer it, and why it is significant). The abstract should include: a summary of the research project to be conducted, description of career development plan, and career goals. 
  3. 2-page research plan including: 
    • Specific Aims: Describe the goals of the research, with a focus on experiments or analyses that can be completed in a two-year award. Include the detailed hypotheses and/or research questions to be addressed, as appropriate.
    • Research Environment: Brief description of lab, clinic, or data resources available to the applicant and necessary for this project. 
    • Research Strategy 
    • References (not included in the 2-page limit) 
  4. Brief description of long-term career plans (no more than 1 page).  Include a statement of why/how this award will contribute to the applicant’s achievement of their career goals. 
  5. Budget and Justification: Detailed Budget Page with Justification that includes personnel and non-personnel costs. If additional funds exist to support the current proposal, please describe in sufficient terms to reassure reviewers of the feasibility of the project.
  6. NIH biosketch
  7. Applicant’s Other Support: a list of other current and pending support sources, with dollar amounts, in the NIH format. This includes both external and internal support.  If the applicant does not have other current or pending support sources, please indicate “none” when applicable.   
  8. Senior mentor letter supporting the applicant’s potential for an academic research career and qualifications for the award.  Including mentor’s biosketch. Applicants who have difficulties identifying a local mentor should reach out to Ana-Maria Vranceanu at to discuss options.
  9. Institutional support letter showing commitment to the applicant. In case the applicant is a fellow, the letter should clearly state that the fellow will continue employment at the institution for the duration of the award.

Format Guidelines 
  • Use margins of .5 inch or greater and 12-point font size. 
  • Figures must be included within stated page limits. 
  • Application must be sent as one (1) combined PDF document. 

Once Funded 
  • IRB approval is required prior to start of funding.  No indirect funds are provided with this award.
  • The PI will submit a progress report to the INPCS Research Co-Chairs and present results at the INPCS Annual Meeting.
  • Funds shall be spent during the award's budget period unless the applicant requests and justifies an extension prior to the closing date of the award. All requests will be reviewed by the INPCS Research Committee.

Contact Information: 

Brennan Summers, INPCS Executive Director  

For a downloadable/printable PDF version of these Submission Guidelines, please click here (PDF will open in a new window).