Welcome to the EPEC-Neurology Curriculum!

This is a curriculum based on the Education in Palliative and End-of-Life Care (EPEC) program (www.epec.net). It has been designed to teach primary palliative care skills to health care professionals of all disciplines providing neurological care.  In addition, this curriculum can also be used by palliative care clinicians to teach the nuances of neuropalliative care.

Each module offers approximately 60 minutes of content in PowerPoint format, and can be taught on its own, or as part of a series. A particular focus of EPEC-Neurology is on teaching presentation skills and creating an interactive learning environment. To that end, we recommend that clinicians teaching EPEC-Neurology review the introductory module on teaching techniques. Each module has presenter notes to guide the facilitator.

Interested in giving feedback about your experience using the EPEC-Neurology curriculum? The EPEC-N Evaluation Task Force is looking for institutions that are planning to use 2 or more modules to teach neurology residents or other neurology-focused learners during the 2021-2022 academic year. Please contact Kate Brizzi and Tarini Goyal (kbrizzi@partners.org; tg2506@cumc.columbia.edu) for more information.

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Dear patients and care partners: Please know that this curriculum was created to teach healthcare professionals. We are pleased to make it available for patients and care partners. However, you may find some information such as discussions on life expectancy and other sensitive topics that may be uncomfortable to read, particularly as it was written in language designed for healthcare professionals and not those dealing with the situations themselves. Keep in mind that what you read is generalized and everyone's situation is different. What's written here may not apply to your individual experience. We recommend you discuss specific questions about your individual illness with your own health care team.

The EPEC-Neurology modules are free and accessible to all. Please log in or create an account to access the modules.
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Acknowledgement goes to the following contributors of the EPEC-N project: Umer Akbar, Jessica Besbris, Julie Berk, Claire Creutzfeldt, Farrah Daly, Candace Ellman, Laura Foster, Carolyn Fulton, Yuika Goto, Roop Gursahani, Sarah Hader, Josh Hauser, Maya Katz, Adam Kelly, Benzi Kluger, Neha Kramer, Pearce Korb, Heather Leeper, Judith Long, Jessica McFarlin, Ambereen Mehta, Janis Miyasaki, Georges Nassan, A. Gabriela Paz-Sandoval, Stefanie Pina-Escudero, Maritza Pintado Caipa, Jorge Risco, Christine Ritchie, Maisha Robinson, Cara Siegel, Andrew Solomon, Lauren Treat, Christina Vaughan. A special thanks to the National Institute of Nursing Research (R01NR016037) for their funding and support of this work.