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International Neuropallative Care Society 1st Annual Meeting

Taking Flight

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Presidential Address: Taking Flight – a Vision for the Future of Neuropalliative Care

Benzi Kluger, MD (USA)

Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Jerome Kurent, MD

Janis Miyasaki, MD (Canada)

Bringing Neuropalliative Care into Practice: Lessons from an International Panel (in two parts)

Moderator: Ed Richfield, MD (UK)

Panel: Joel Phillips, DO (USA)

Clare Ellis-Smith, PhD (UK)

Lauren Treat, MD (USA)

A Prescription for Better Care: Views from People Living With Neurologic Illness

Malenna Sumrall, PhD (USA)

Daniel Baker, BSc Hons (UK)

Kirk Hall, MBA (USA)

Nancy Hardaway, MEd, PCC (USA)

Michelle Moon, DO (USA)

Kelly Weinschreider (USA)

Charles White (USA)

Exploring Palliative Care Needs of Children Living with Neurologic Illness

Audrey Foster-Barber, MD (USA)

Conversation with Davis and Connie Phinney: From Athletes to Advocacy

Davis & Connie Phinney (USA) with Benzi Kluger, MD (USA)

Palliative Care and the Art of Leadership

Robert Holloway, MD (USA)

Q&A moderators:

Janis Miyasaki, MD (Canada)

Nancy Hardaway, MEd, PCC (USA)

Nimish Mohile, MD (USA)

Evidence for the Effectiveness of Personalised Palliative Care in Improving the Quality of Life of People with Neurological Disease

Irene Higginson, MD (UK)

Exorcising Demons: What is Spiritual Care and Why Patients with Neurodegenerative Disease Might Benefit from It?

Piret Paal, PhD (Austria)

State of the Science 2021 - Neuropalliative Care

Claire Creutzfeldt, MD (USA) and Darin Zahuranec, MD (USA)

2021 INPCS Outstanding Scientific Contribution Award presented to Christine Ritchie, MD

Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD (USA)

Taking a Social Justice Lens to Promote Equity-Oriented Palliative Care

Kelli Stajduhar, RN, PhD, FCAHS (Canada)

Improving the Well Being of Family Caregivers: Priorities for Moving Forward

Peter Hudson, RN, PhD (Australia)

Bringing Neuropalliative Care to Under-resourced Communities: Lessons from India

Roop Gursahani, MD (India)

Suresh Kumar, MD (India)

Discussion Plenary: Medical Aid in Dying

Timothy Quill, MD (USA)

Ludo Vanopdenbosch, MD (Belgium)

Ilora Finlay, FMedSci (UK)

David Oliver, MD (UK)

Attending: Bringing Mindfulness to the Care We Provide Others and Ourselves

Ronald Epstein, MD (USA)


Neuropalliative Care Advocate of the Year presented to Stan Dempsey, JD (USA)


Benzi Kluger, MD (USA)

The Tara Cook Award for Innovation in Neuropalliative Education presented to Kenneth Cook (USA)

Jessica Besbris, MD (USA) & Neha Kramer, MD (USA)

The Critical Role of Understanding and Respecting Culture and Lived Experience in Palliative Care: Caring for our African American Patients and Their Families

Ronit Elk, PhD (USA)


Positive Psychological Intervention in the Context of Significant Life Stress:  Is There a Role for Positive Emotion in Building Resilience for Patients and Providers?

Judith Moskowitz, PhD (USA)


From Patient to Partner: Living and Thriving With a Life-Limiting Disability

Lady Jane, Baroness Campbell of Surbiton DBE, Westminster (UK)

2021 Annual Meeting Closing Address

Benzi Kluger, MD (USA)





An Evaluation of Functional Outcome and Disposition of "Poor Prognosis" ICH Survivors at 1 Year of Patients in MISTIE-III

Noeleen Ostapkovich, MS

Brace Yourself: The Emotional Burden of Diagnosing a Chronic Neurological Illness on Neurologists and Patients

Anna Gershteyn, BS, BA

Capturing Dignity: Using Photographs to Bring Dignity to Patients and Help Clinicians Find Meaning in Their Work

Bryce Bandfield, BSN

Care Partner Experiences with Aggression in Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders: A Qualitative Study

Zachary Macchi, MD

Characteristics and Clinical Outcomes of Patients with Stroke Receiving Nasogastric Tube Feeding in Peru

Nauzley Abedini, MD, MSc

Clinical Interventions to Support Care for Children with Severe Neurologic Impairment

Jori Bogetz, MD

Clinical Trial on a New Respiratory Therapy Involving Air Stacking Associated with Expiratory Muscle Training in Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Preliminary Results Showing the Videofluoroscopic Findings on the Upper Airways

Max Sarmet, MSc

Documented Goals of Care Conversations with Hospitalized Patients after Severe Stroke

Amber Comer, PhD, JD

Effect of Novel Aquatic Physical Therapy Program on Pain Perception, Functional Capacity and Quality of Life in Persons Living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Pilot Study from a Tertiary Referral Center Focused in Neuropalliative Care

Max Sarmet, MSc

Healthcare Utilization in the Last Year of Life in Parkinson's Disease and Other Neurodegenerative Movement Disorders

Erica McKenzie, MD, BSc

Identifying Challenges in Surrogate Decision Makers' Application of Patient Values After Acute Stroke: A Qualitative Study in a Bi-ethnic Community

Darin Zahuranec, MD

Impact of Neuropalliative Care Education on Hospice Utilization by Inpatient Neurology Services

Andrew Valenciano, BS, MD in progress

Improving Access to Hospice for Comfort-Focused Care Patients in the Neurocritical Care Unit

Winnie Lau, MD

Longitudinal Interventions Provided by a Palliative Care Specialist Within an ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic: A Cohort Study

Sarah Jensen, MD

Longitudinal Perception of Prognosis of Patients with High Grade Glioma Compared to Their Caregivers and Clinicians

Akanksha Sharma, MD

Medical Assistance in Dying in Washington State Glioma Patients, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Cancer.

Jerome Graber, MD, MPH

Observational Study of Withdrawal of Mechanical Ventilation in Intensive Care (Observe-WMV)

Corey Fehnel, MD, MPH

Palliative Care Education in United States Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Programs: Results of a National Survey

Dorothy Tolchin, MD, EdM

Palliative Care Education is Highly Heterogenous Across UCNS Neurocritical Care Fellowship Programs

Hannah Kirsch, MD

Palliative Care in Parkinson's Disease: Addressing Knowledge and Practice Gaps through a Multidisciplinary Approach in Brittany, France

Manon Auffret, PharmD, PhD

Patient and Care Partner Perspectives on a Community-Based Outpatient Palliative Care Intervention for Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders

Meredith Bock, MD

Patient Disposition and Health-Related Quality of Life in MISTIE III: Opportunities to Improve Decision Making for Critically Ill ICH Patients

Lourdes Carhuapoma, MS

Reflections to Guide Future Practice: A Retrospective Analysis of Patient Population and Outcomes Utilizing an Interdisciplinary Neuropalliative Care Clinic Model

Kevin McGehrin, MD

Serious Illness Communication Practices in Glioblastoma Care: An Institutional Perspective

Stephen Miranda, MD

Targeted Didactics Improve Neurology Resident Physician Competency in End of Life Care

Julia Bu, MD

The Experience of Family Carers of People Who Have Died from Multiple System Atrophy - A UK Survey

David Oliver, PhD, FRCP, FRCGP, FEAN

The Needs of People with Multiple System Atrophy - A UK Survey

David Oliver, PhD, FRCP, FRCGP, FEAN

The Trajectory of Motor Deterioration to Death in Parkinson's Disease

Sabrina Poonja, MD

The Views of People with Multiple System Atrophy on End-of-life Care

David Oliver, PhD, FRCP, FRCGP, FEAN

Triggers for Referral to Specialised Palliative Care in Advanced Neurologic and Neurosurgical Conditions: A Systematic Review

Teneille Gofton, MD FRCPC

Understanding Psychosocial Needs of and Optimizing Support for Primary Caregivers of Severe Acute Brain Injury Patients Transitioning out of Neurointensive Care Units: A Work-In-Progress Multicenter Qualitative Study

Nithyashri Baskaran, B.S. candidate

Virtual Neuropalliative Care Curriculum Improves Confidence and Communication Skills Among Neurology Residents

Eileen Harrigan, MD