What is the format?
All session are virtual/online. Journal club sessions will have a presenter, a discussant, and a moderator.  The primary presenter will often (but not always) be an author of the paper. The presenter will lead a discussion of the paper for approximately 20-25 minutes, focusing on key findings and any important issues. The discussant will briefly (~10 minutes) present their thoughts on the key strengths and weaknesses of the paper. The moderator will then lead a discussion and Q&A with the larger group, taking questions from the group using the chat feature.

WIP sessions will have a presenter and a moderator. The presenter will take the initial 10-15 minutes to set up their proposal’s background and to describe the type of feedback they are hoping to elicit from the group. The larger group will then be allowed 5-10 minutes to review any materials or handouts provided by the presenter. The moderator will then lead the group in a discussion. Presenters have the option to have these sessions recorded for their own use at a later time, however, these will not be made available to others. 

How are audience comments and questions handled?
During the initial presentation, all participants will be muted except for the moderator and presenter(s). Participants can type questions into the chat and they will be invited to unmute by the moderator.

Any tips for presenters?
In general, we want to discourage extensive use of power point slides, as they are labor-intensive and may restrict collaborative discussion. We encourage the use of a brief handout that can be distributed in advance of the meeting or shared during the session. The presenter may also screen share their handout with the rest of the group.

For journal clubs, presenters may desire to provide a handout with key points for discussion or illustrative tables and figures to support the discussion.  

For WIP sessions, we encourage the primary presenter to prepare a brief (1-2 pages) handout that summarizes:

  1. The relevant clinical or research background for our multidisciplinary audience.
  2. A sense of the planned scope and whether they anticipate any available funding for the project.
  3. The key questions where you want help from the group.

Investigators who have other materials they want feedback on (e.g. specific aims, educational materials, surveys, or interview guides) are welcome to provide these as handouts.  

How are topics selected?
Anyone can nominate a published paper or volunteer to present at a WIP session. Topics will be reviewed by the INPCS science committee leadership and prioritized based on the goals of the society. Priority will be given to junior members of the INPCS looking for feedback on their current work.

When do the webinars occur? 
Sessions will occur approximately monthly on Wednesdays and are initially planned for 7am PT/10am ET/3pm GMT. This timing will allow for participation across America and Europe, though we will explore alternating times in the future to facilitate participation by colleagues in other parts of the world. Times may vary according to the needs of the presenters and moderators.

I would like to attend but the date/time do not work for me. Will sessions be recorded and posted for later viewing?
If the proposed times will not work for you, please contact us at info@inpcs.org and we will consider this as we are scheduling future sessions.  While recording the sessions may allow for a broader audience to view the content, there are also concerns that this may inhibit open and free discussion.

By request, WIPs sessions may be recorded by the presenter for the purposes of reviewing feedback from the group at a later time. As these may be discussions of a preliminary paper or grant idea, they will not be made public.

For journal club sessions, our initial plan is to not record these sessions in order to promote free discussion, though we may modify this policy over time depending on participant feedback.

Can I still attend even if I am not actively involved in conducting palliative care research?
Yes ! Anyone interested in learning about current or future palliative care research is welcome to attend, including active researchers, trainees at any level, clinicians, and patients or family caregivers.  We do ask participants to remember that works-in-progress sessions may cover future grant or paper ideas. Therefore, these discussions should be considered confidential unless the presenter gives explicit permission otherwise. Patient and families should be aware that the discussion topics may not necessarily be tailored for a general audience, though we welcome your participation and input.

Do I have to be a member of INPCS to attend?
The initial events will be open without a membership requirement. As the INPCS membership grows, we will evaluate the need for requiring membership to attend.

Who can I contact if I have a question about the sessions or a suggestion?
Please reach out to us at info@inpcs.org with any questions, requests to present, or suggestions for improving the webinar series.